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End User Support

People have always been the biggest asset of any company and that is what drives the business. Technology allows them to connect and serve your customers better. End-user support is then paramount to a successful and profitable business.

At Qbt Consulting, we believe in a dedicated team assigned to a client. We also believe in working on-site more, which enables us to get the first-hand knowledge of the business and processes and this in return empowers us in giving swift resolution to any issue which arises.


We use Remote Management and Monitoring tools to track all servers, computers, laptops and applications.

Over the past 20 years, we have learned and developed policies and process to ensure the best end-user support to all our clients. As we have dedicated teams for each client, the team of technicians who work on-site are also the first point of contact if any issue arises. This ensures that the clients don’t waste any time in explaining the issue again and again to the new technician. This also ensures the best possible resolution because the team already have a deep understanding of the client’s business, policies and processes.

Proactive Support

In this day and age, only reactive support does not suffice. Every business needs a framework in place to provide alerts/triggers proactively to ensure 100% uptime.

Qbt Consulting would rather you not experience any issues with your technology investment. And to ensure the same, we use a series of Remote Management and Monitoring tools with all our clients. These systems track all your servers, computers, laptops and applications. Our 20+ years experience enable to build a comprehensive list of alerts and statuses to watch for to ensure that all systems run as expected.

In the event of an alarm is tripped, one of your support engineers springs into action. They’ll work with our detailed checklists to resolve the alarm. By doing this, we can ensure you and your end users stay productive and connected.

Outsource to Experts

Your business has gotten to where it is today and will get to where it’ll be in the future, by hiring the right people. Getting a team of great people on your side is a sure-fire way to succeed in business. Making sure you’ve got the best IT team possible is no different. Working with Qbt Consulting gets you to access to a team of 30+ certified IT Professionals dedicated to your end user support.

On-site with your Staff

Qbt Consulting prefers to be onsite with you and your business where ever possible. It’s much easier resolving an issue when you’re able to be there with the user. Being on-site also enables our technician to gauge the issue first hand. Present, on-site support is something that we’ve prided ourselves on for almost the entire time we’ve been operating (since 1997!).

We have learned that this model is much more effective than working with 100% remote IT staff. We have found that gradually remote support services lose the personal touch. They are not able to have a full understanding of your business and how it works. Through email and tickets alone, you can’t get the feel for the working culture.

Thus we have ensured to provide the best end-user support by maintaining a balance between onsite support and remote support.